Brad Williams

Brad Williams


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About Brad Williams

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Pound for pound, Brad Williams is the funniest comedian in the country right now, and has
become one of the most in-demand comedians working today. A California native, Williams
started doing stand-up comedy as a teenager and has been touring successfully ever since,
routinely selling out shows all over the country and the world.

Williams has parlayed that success into a multitude of stand-up television experiences, including
JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE. His first one-hour special, FUN SIZE, was the highest rated on
Showtime, and a year later, he followed that up with his second special, DADDY ISSUES, which
was more successful than the first and prompted THE NEW YORK TIMES to write “No one is
doing it [stand-up comedy] more hilariously than Brad Williams.” His third special in three years
was an uproarious one, hosting some of the edgiest comedians in the country from the
prestigious Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. Most recently, Williams’ new half-hour special for
Netflix’s stand-up comedy showcase THE DEGENERATES premiered in October 2018.
Also an accomplished actor, Williams has appeared on numerous TV shows and feature films,
including FX’s LEGIT, SAM AND CAT, MIND OF MENCIA, PITBOSS, a recurring role on the
Hulu original show DEADBEAT, and memorable roles in a plethora of movies, including LITTLE
EVIL, which was produced by Scott Stuber (TED), as well as the Netflix original Christopher
Guest film, MASCOTS.

In addition to stand-up and acting, Williams has become a dynamic on-air personality as well.
His podcast with Adam Ray, ABOUT LAST NIGHT, is a mainstay on the iTunes charts. He is
also a regular contributor on KROQ’s KEVIN AND BEAN SHOW in Los Angeles, as well as
Adam Carolla’s podcast, THE ADAM CAROLLA SHOW.

Williams’ ability to make humorous and inspiring observations on disability, relationships, sex,
and race are consistently winning over audiences and proving anyone can overcome their
shortcomings. His live performances are always high energy and frequently feature full standing
ovations from those in attendance, which prompted the late Robin Williams to call him “Prozac
with a head.”

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