Closed for Private Celebration of Life - Carl E. Skenes III

Closed for Private Celebration of Life - Carl E. Skenes III


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About Closed for Private Celebration of Life - Carl E. Skenes III

* This is a Private Event *

Come one, come all to the greatest Celebration of Life for the unforgettable, inspirational, one of a kind character, Carl E. Skenes.

Join his family and closest friends for a night of magic, merriment, and memories. The night will begin with a cocktail style mixer, cash bar, hors d'oeuvres, and live music provided by one of Carl’s favorite musical performers, Jeff Alan.

Then we enter the room that started it all for 20 Penny Circus. A space that holds countless laughs, mischief, and memories, The Orlando Improv theater and decorated with photos to commemorate our beloved Carl.

So take a seat in the audience and witness some of his favorite acts, artists, and performers. Hear stories of his amazing antics from friends and family, and even get the chance to take the mic and tell your own.

The night will close with a moving tribute video as well as the traditional ceremony of the breaking of the wand. A sacred ritual performed by magicians where a magic wand is broken, indicating that with the magician's death, the wand has lost its magic forever.

So Come laugh, cry, and revel in the amazing, magical, and mysterious man that was Carl Edward Skenes.

7:00PM-8:00PM Mixer
8:00PM-8:15PM Grab a Seat in the Theater
8:15PM-9:15PM Performances
9:15PM-9:45PM Open Mic Story Time
9:45PM-9:55PM Broken Wand Ceremony
9:55PM-10:00PM Memorial Video

Please email any photos you may have of you and Carl to [email protected]
If you would like to tell your story onstage, you can also email the above email address to let us know.

Below is the Gofundme link for Carls final arrangements.