Chaunte Wayans
Chaunte Wayans
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About Chaunte Wayans
Chaunte Wayans is from the famous Wayan’s family, so comedy is in her blood. Seen recently was on tour with Katt Williams and she is booked for the new season of Nick Cannon’s Wild n Out 2013.At the age of 19, Chaunte’ relocated to Los Angeles with her famous family to pursue her new career. She quickly became a rising stand-up comedian, actress, writer, and founder of Anotha Way Productions. Chaunte’ later landed a job working on the production of the box office hit “Scary Movie 2,” where she gained interest in working in post production. This work drew her attention to and led her to more behind-the-scenes work. Shortly thereafter, Chaunte’ was hired to work as a Production Assistant for ABC’s hit television series “My Wife and Kids.”Chaunte WayansWithin two years, Chaunte’ moved her way up from Production Assistant, to Apprentice, and ultimately to Assistant Editor. With more producti
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