Teacher's Lounge...School's Out!
Teacher's Lounge...School's Out!
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About Teacher's Lounge...School's Out!
Featuring Mike Rivera with Devin Siebold

Come celebrate the beginning of summer with two of the funniest teachers to take the stage.

Mike Rivera is “America’s Most Hilarious Teacher” as seen on ABC’s “The View” multiple times. He is a multitalented person who can do impressions, tell jokes, or just be funny. For years, Mike has successfully toured the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. He is a versatile performer who brings high energy with an irreverent sense of humor for one knock-out show.

Most women love tall, funny guys, and standing at 6’6, Devin Siebold doesn't disappoint. However, after working the past several years as a middle school teacher, just don’t expect him to pick up the check on any date. It is hard to deny Devin’s stage presence, when he is the size of the stage. He connects well with all audiences mainly because he can reach 7 rows back and physically grab any audience member not laughing at his jokes. The jokes center around his extensive past a playboy, educator, and his ability to balance the two without going to jail in the process.