Alex Reymundo
Alex Reymundo
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About Alex Reymundo
Performing & Producing two 1hour specials that are currently airing on Showtime & Comedy Central, his latest “Red-Nexican” & previous ALMA Award winning “Hick-Spanic”, Reymundo appeals to all demographics. Alex just appeared on CMT as part of Ron White’s Salute to the Troops as well touring 3 years with Blue Collar’s Bad Boy. Reymundo was a highlight of P. Diddy’s “Bad Boy’s of Comedy” and is one of “The Original Latin Kings of Comedy” along side Cheech, Paul Rodriguez, George Lopez & Joey Medina. If you need anymore reasons to see his show? … Three words … FUNNY as HELL!! Alex also played as Host & Producer on “The Payaso Comedy Slam” (Showtime & Comedy Central) & The Latin Diva’s of Comedy” (Showtime) There is a new breed of Latin comic and it’s Alex Reymundo Alex has widened his skills in 3 films, “Permanent Vacation”, “The Movement” & “El Matador” has done voice over work for m
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