A.G. White
A.G. White
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About A.G. White
Have you ever noticed how every ghetto has that one white family that will never move out? A.G. White's family is that family.
Born and raised in the East New York section of Brooklyn; one of the Brooklyn's toughest neighborhoods, A.G is sure to give his audiences a real "taste of comedy with a different flavor."After performing at several local nightspots and getting very positive responses, A.G. took his act to Harlem where he performed at the renowned Uptown Comedy Club.
He passed their "New Jack"segment of the club; was asked to return as a regular, and later received his first national broadcast opportunity on the club's newly televised TV show: The Uptown Comedy Club. Through these stand-up routines, airing national on the FOX network and in syndication. A.G's unique style gained familiarity through the comedy arena. Emphatically accepted by New York audiences, talent agents suddenly received word of A.G. White.
Agents who observed and enjoyed several of his performances, then asked him to perform at the prestigious Apollo Theater in Harlem.
The lead to his performances on the television show. "It's Showtime at the Apollo" where A.G was featured as the guest Comedian at the Tribute to Robin Harris, held at the Apollo Theater.
Since then; A.G has hosted and performed internationally at various venues including Comedy Clubs, Colleges, and Fashion Shows. He has expanded his diverse comedic style to reach audiences of BET's Comic View and is even producing live Stand-up Comedy Events at National Amusement Theaters.
A.G. has also extended his Stand-up Comedy to charitable functions including Comic Relief IV, which raised money for homeless people. He has also been seen on HBO comedy series. P.Diddy Presents and The Bad Boys of Comedy now out on DVD.
Audiences acclaim for A.G's various ethnic character such as "round=the-way" girls, homeboys, white males, Latinos, Jamaicans, and Arabs have enable him to cross multi-cultural barriers.
A.G. White is a contributing participant to HBO's "SNAPS" in addition to the boo "SNAP" volumes I, II, III.